VIVOBAREFOOT Evo Lite Running Shoe - Men's - $103.96

Barefoot running exploded onto the outdoor scene in the past few years, but Vivo Barefoot isn't new to the genre. Vivo launched its first, minimalist barefoot shoe back in 2003, and the Men's Evo Lite Running Shoe is proof that the concept has held strong ever since. The designers of the Evo Lite gave this shoe a flexible upper and outsole, puncture-resistant forefoot construction, and 5mm of padding to lessen impact without sacrificing your ability to feel the ground beneath your toes. Completely level from the heel to the toe, the zero-drop design allows you to smoothly transition from your heel to your toe so you can naturally strike the way you need to. With additional protection from trail hazards and a grippy outsole, this is a shoe you can use for cross training, park running, light trail running, or simply walking around the city. - $103.96