Vittoria Rubino Pro II - $24.95

Tire selection is not only important, but it's growing increasingly more complicated day by day. Now, we all have to be conscious of if a tire is too race-oriented for training, or if it's too focused on durability for racing. However, Vittoria has simplified the selection process by creating a tire that rests right in the middle -- the Rubino Pro II. This clincher tire places a focus on both durability and weight, making it ideal for criteriums, long stage races, and all-weather training. Vittoria gave this tire a 120TPI casing, meaning that the sidewalls are comprised of 120 threads per inch. And if you're wondering why there are 'threads,' this is because the Rubino Pro II's casing is comprised of individual nylon threads. This increases the overall durability over the tire when compared to the cotton casings found in EVO line of tires. Accordingly, Vittoria consciously created the Rubino to favor long base miles and races on unpredictable surfaces over team-car-supported rides. So, yes, these tires sacrifice a small amount of cornering flexibility compared to a 320TPI open tubular, but over the long haul, the sacrifice is negligible. Additionally, the 120TPI casing provides a solid stiffness-to-weight ratio for the Rubino. By this, we mean that the tire's weight hovers around 225 grams, depending on width, while still retaining a retaining a strong resistance to punctures and debris. And this brings us to the Rubino's new rubber compound, Kevlar Endura 3D. This rubber compound is impregnated with Kevlar during the production process, providing the compound with a high resistance to puncture and wear. Additionally, this treatment also enhances the compound's grip in wet environments, while slightly reducing the Rubino's rolling-resistance. The Vittoria Rubino Pro II is available in the color Black and in either a 23 or 25mm width. Please note that this tire is sold individually and only as a clincher. - $24.95