Vittoria Open Corsa EVO SR - $74.00

In case you haven't noticed, selecting the perfect tire is becoming a fairly complicated affair. In fact, you're faced with so many variables, that it almost seems necessary to rotate through dozens of tires in order to equally match durability, flexibility, tread, and speed. And to further complicate this, the trajectory of selection runs parallel to a seemingly rising cost of entry. However, with the new Open Corsa EVO SR, Vittoria has finally provided a remedy to this problem. This tire features the same core spun, 320TPI cotton casing and ISOgrip compound as the rest of the Corsa EVO line, only it's been given a versatile tread pattern in order to enhance its abilities across the board. So, you'll experience more contact through corners and more grip through adverse road conditions, all while experiencing a reduction in rolling-resistance. Basically, this amounts to more speed, wherever it is that you find yourself racing. Now, if you're unfamiliar with how the Italians operate, we'll breakdown the title for you. 'Open' is the Italian terminology for clincher, as in the clincher-version of Vittoria's Corsa SR tubular tire. Meanwhile, 'Corsa' translates directly to 'race,' as in, this is a race-designated tire. Put the two together, and add in the evolution designation of 'EVO,' and you have a next-generation tire that's designed for speed. And while we understand that a name is simply a name, the Open Corsa line's results speak for themselves. Simply put, this line boasts more race wins than any other tire in history. And now that we have your attention, let's dig into the SR's construction. Vittoria gave this tire a 320TPI casing composition, meaning that the casing is comprised of 320 threads per inch. And if you're wondering why there are 'threads,' this is because the EVO SR is a cotton tire. But, don't think that this decreases durability. In fact, Vittoria used a corespun, or 'polycore,' technique for the casing's construction. - $74.00