Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC Clincher Tire - $73.95

Vittoria's "Open" tires are clincher versions of their tubular tires that are so often seen on bikes in the professional peloton. These Open Corsa Evo SC Clincher Tires are no exception, as they're built to perform right alongside the Corsa Evo SC Tubulars. As such, they blend super low rolling resistance with inspiring grip and comfort. These characteristics are the result of Vittoria paying close attention to two things -- the casing and the rubber in the tread. For theOpen Corsa Evo SC, Vittoria builds the tires with their 320 tpi Corespun cotton/poly casing. It's the highest thread count for clincher tires available on the market. This higher thread count makes for a more responsive tire since there is more structure and less matrix, not unlike optimizing the fabric/resin ratio in a high performance composite bike frame. This high density fabric is coated with natural latex rubber to ensure that it's as supple and resilient as possible to conform to irregularities in the road surface, offering the best possible grip through fast corners. The tread received as much attention as the casing. Vittoria caps the Open Corsa Evo SC Tires with their dual compound Twin Tread. As you might expect, it uses a harder durometer rubber in the center to decrease rolling resistance. The shoulders of the tread are made of a softer rubber to increase the grip on the road. Vittoria calls their rubber compound Isogrip SC. Overall, you'll get the best of both worlds -- durability and great performance. Vittoria's PRB 2.0 puncture resistant belting situates a high density aramid layer underneath the tread. This is the same technology they use with the tires supplied to their sponsored teams for the cobbled brutality of Paris-Roubaix. So even though these tires are very light, you won't sacrifice one bit of road-worthiness.The Vittoria Open Corsa Evo SC Clincher Tires are available in 700 x 23c only. They have a Black tread with a natural latex sidewall. - $73.95