Victory Koredry Loose Fit Hoodie Rash Guard Grey - $47.95

This loosefit hoodie(nicknamed 'Street Sweeper' since it was designed for stand up paddle) is a comfortable loose-fitting, light-weight shirt designed for in and around the water. It fits like a regular shirt and has all the great qualities of a Loosefit Koredry shirt but with the addition of long sleeves and a hood so you can stay out on the open water for longer sessions with comfort and protection from the elements with full UPF 50+ sun protection. Loose Fit Long Sleeve Surf Shirt (fits like a slim fit tee) are designed to go in the water. They don't absorb water into the fibers so they insulate from heat and cold even when in the water. We took all the stretch and give out so they maintain their shape in the water instead of ballooning like T-shirts and other so called surf shirts. Machine washable; no fabric softener Made in USA - $47.95