Vexilar Fl-20 Ice-Flasher Ultra Pack Combo - $589.99

Vexilar has pioneered flasher technology since 1960. Vexilars constant quest for improvement led to the development of the standard-setting FL-18 three-color flasher/fish finder. A target ID of under 1/2, a bright display and an enhanced interference rejection system makes the FL-18 one of the best ice-fishing sonar systems available. Vexilars latest achievement, the top-of-the line FL-22HD, has a target ID of less than 1/4, making it the highest-resolution three-color flasher ever created.Large three-color LED with two auto-zoom ranges (6- or 12-ft. off bottom)20-ft. low-power setting is ideal for shallow water or thick weedsFive depth scales to 200 ft.400-watts peak-to-peak powerTarget ID of less than 1/2Two-year warrantyUltra Pack includes: Sonar; Tri-Beam ice ducer with support; D-130 digital battery-status gauge; adjustable rod holder; tackle box; 9-amp, 12-volt battery and charger. - $589.99