Verminator Predator Calls - $6.88

Say hasta la vista to predators when you use one of these Verminator predator calls. Available: The Tweety produces an ear-piercing, high-pitched squeal that is irresistable to all predators. Excellent on bobcats. The Long Range Tweety proves to be 30% louder. At low volume the call creates a raspy tone, but when more air is applied it creates the same high pitch shrill sound as the conventional Tweety. Pull out the Thumper for hunting the open country, where long range and maximum volume are needed for the great distances and higher winds. This versatile call gets loud and raspy for all kinds of work. The Syco Tweety features a dual groove, split reed. It produces the most shrill, radical distress sounds youve ever heard. Type: Open Reed. - $6.88