Vasque Venturist Shoe - Women's - $87.96

Vasque built the Women's Venturist Shoe around its top-of-the-line performance last. This is a crossover outdoor shoe with the protection of a light hiker and the sophisticated, comfortable fit of a trail runner. A durable leather upper keeps your foot safe from hazards on the trail, an aggressive outsole provides steadfast traction on a variety of terrain, and a 3mm foam footbed soaks up the impact of heavy footfalls and rough trail. Lighter than a dedicated hiking boot like the Breeze and heavier than a full-bore trail runners like the Pendulum, the Venturist is more versatile then either, striking an ideal balance between both worlds. Wear this shoe when the wilderness calls you out into the woods, but you're not quite sure what you'll do when you get there. - $87.96