Vans Chukka Low Celtek Skate Shoes Orange/Celtek - Men's - $44.95

One of the original founders of Celtek, Erik Leines was a long-time pro rider for Vans and helped develop the Hi-Standard into one of the team favorites it has become today. So as we all started talking about working on a project together, this became an obvious place to start. In this exciting new collection you'll find a Hi-Standard boot and Chukka Low shoe featuring Celtek's trademark artwork, colors and aesthetics, while Celtek has developed an innovative Vans glove and mitten that are packed full of "Off The Wall" flavor. With a classic checkerboard print, wafflesole palm and OTW wrist tab, it's plain to see we worked hand in feet to bring you a perfect Vans x Celtek mash-up. Be sure to contact your local Celtek sales representative to place orders for the Vans glove and mitten. - $44.95