Valandre Swing 500 Sleeping Bag - $419.95

The Valandre Swing 500 Sleeping Bag is the perfect bag for an ?I trek sometimes? trekker. The Valandre Swing 500 is pumped full of Pyrenian duck down, keep the price down without sacrificing any warmth. This Valandre sleeping bag is rated at -0.4Adeg F and can out-perform your Aunt Nancy?s sleeping bag or that dude who never wears a shirt?s sleeping bag. If outdoor adventures Are the name of your game, but you?re not quite ready to tackle Everest, try swinging the Valandre Swing 500. Features of the Swing 500 Down Sleeping Bag by Valandre Extreme temperature rating of 7Adeg F (-14Adeg C) Insulated with 17.5 oz (500 g) of Pyrenian duck down A less expensive sleeping bag alternative than goose down that does not sacrifice warmth A more compressible sleeping bag and better performing than any other bag in its category Specifications: Fabric: Asahi KASEI Impact 66 acrylic Polyamide Rip-Stop WR / Impact Razilus Polyester DWR eco Down Quality: Duck 700+ Down Load: 17.5 oz. (500 g) Comfort Rating: 34Adeg F (1Adeg C) Extreme Rating: -0.4Adeg F (-14Adeg C) Compressed Volume: 6.5 liters Average Total Weight: 32.6 oz. (937 g) Inside Length: Small: 66.9in. / 170 cm Inside Length: Medium: 72.8in. / 185 cm Inside Length: Large: 78.7in. / 200 cm Circumference: 66.1in. / 57in. / 40.5in. (168 / 145 / 103 cm) (Shoulder/Hip/Foot) - $419.95