Us Divers Santa Cruz Jr. Set - $13.88

The affordable Santa Cruz/Eco Jr. Set, custom-made for your child, teams up a crystal-clear mask, a high-quality snorkel, fins and a gear bag for a super snorkeling experience. Set Includes: The Santa Cruz Mask features a one-window design with a tempered glass lens for excellent visibility and maximum safety. Its Quick-Release, adjustable buckles hold mask firmly in place. The submersible Eco Snorkel, equipped with Dry-Top Tech, keeps water out while diving, and its one-way purge valve makes clearing out water quick and simple. The contoured barrel is ergonomically shaped for younger swimmers. The Breaker Fins deliver excellent propulsion and the adjustable straps keep them securely in place. The Gear Bag, made to fit, transport and store the set, boasts a mesh panel that helps air-dry gear after use. Youth sizes: S(9-13), L(1-4). Color: Sky Blue. - $13.88