Us Divers Admiral Lx/Island Dry Set - $34.88

Mask, snorkel, fins and even a gear bag to keep it all together, the US Divers Admiral LX/Island Dry Set has everything you need to go snorkeling beneath the waves. Set Includes: The two-window Admiral LX Mask has a soft, hypoallergenic silicone face skirt for the ultimate in snorkeling comfort. Expanded, top-to-bottom viewing keeps everything in view. Its three-way adjustable Pro-Glide buckles make an exact fit easy. The submersible Island Dry Snorkel, equipped with Dry-Top Tech and a one-way purge valve, keeps water out while diving for easy breathing when you resurface. The curved full-flex section delivers an adaptable fit. The Fins deliver superior propulsion and come equipped with Comfo-Straps for wearing comfort. The Gear Bag, made specifically to fit, transport and store your gear, boasts a mask-specific pocket. Adult sizes: S(4-7), M(7-10), L(10-13). Color: Black. - $34.88