Urge Endur-O-Matic Helmet - $109.95

Enduro, all-mountain, and trail all mean roughly the same thing. Products that fall into these categories are made to be suitable for every type of mountain riding. This is not an easy goal to accomplish, when you consider the variety of riding styles. The Urge Endur-O-Matic Helmet comes about as close as any product we've seen to being truly 'all-mountain.' True, it may offer a bit too much coverage for pro-level XC racing, and it may be a bit light for pro-level DH, but it covers everything in between very nicely.The Endur-O-Matic starts with in-mold construction. In-mold is more expensive, but it provides lighter weight and better ventilation options than hard-shell construction. Eight round vents are strategically placed to create a Venturi effect, which forces cooling air to flow through the helmet. Internal channels pull fresh air in and force hot, stale air out to keep your head cool and dry. Removable, washable pads create a soft, comfortable environment for your head, and Urge's exclusive Gangsta Pada pad inside the front of the helmet that stays in direct contact with airflow while you ridestays dry reduces the amount of sweat coming down your forehead and clouding your glasses or goggles.The Endur-O-Matic combines light weight (319 grams) with extended coverage that wraps all the way around the back of your head. The light weight makes the Endur-O-Matic suitable for climb-intensive XC riding, while the comprehensive coverage provides the protection that you need for fast descents in technical terrain. The lightweight, flexible visor offers added protection from the sun, branches, and trail debris. The Urge Endur-O-Matic comes in two sizes: Small/medium, and Large/x-large. It is available in three colors: Scrambler Black/white/red, Airlines Black/white, or Airlines Black/green. Urge also includes pads of different thickness, so you can create the perfect custom fit. - $109.95