Men's Under Armour Rut Scent-Control Jacket - MO BREAK-UP INFINITY (2XL) - $143.88

With the introduction of UA Scent-Control technology, Under Armour has raised the bar for scent control in camo outerwear. The system encases antimicrobial silver in synthetic zeolite lava to help contain human odor and suppress odor-causing bacterial growth. During testing, zeolite outperformed carbon by capturing more odor and lasting longer, maintaining 99% effectiveness after 50 washes. Ultraquiet heavyweight fleece delivers the warmth you need to block the chill of cold winds. Performance fit is ideal for active hunts. Large front pockets for storage. Harness compatible. Imported.Sizes: M-2XL.Camo patterns: Realtree XTRA, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. Type: Jackets. Size: 2 X-Large. Camo Pattern: Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity. Size 2xl. Color Mo Break-Up Infinity. - $143.88