Men's Under Armour Charged Cotton Pants - Fawn (30) (30) - $48.88

By supercharging cotton with a signature technology, UAcreated a superior fabric capable of wicking away moisture and drying five times faster than ordinary cotton. Consisting of alternating moisture-absorbing and moisture-repelling cotton yarns, this revolutionary blend pushes out perspiration when it comes in contact with the clothing. This speeds evaporation, helping you keep cool. Five-pocket design. 100% cotton. Imported.Inseam: 30, 32, 34.Even waist sizes: 30-44.Color: Fawn. Waist: 30. Type: Pants/Shorts. Inseam: 30. Color: Fawn. Waist 30. Inseam 30. Color Fawn. - $48.88