Under Armour Men's Antler Short-Sleeve Tee Shirt - White (2XL) (Adult) - $14.99

The Mens Antler Short-Sleeve Tee Shirt is constructed of Charged Cotton, Under Armours softest, most comfortable fabric. By supercharging cotton with a signature technology, Under Armour created a fabric capable of wicking away moisture and drying five times faster than ordinary cotton. Consisting of alternating moisture-absorbing and moisture-repelling cotton yarns, this revolutionary blend pushes out moisture when it comes in contact with the clothing. As a result, moisture spreads across the surface, speeding evaporation and keeping you cool. Charged Cotton also offers the comfortable stretch and recovery needed to ensure a cling-free, free-flowing fit. Water-based super-soft printing. 60/40 polyester/cotton. Imported. Size: 2XL. Color: White. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. Material: Polyester. - $14.99