Umpqua 54-Piece Bahamas Bonefish Assortment - $62.49

This assortment contains patterns that have been proven effective not only in the Bahamas, but anywhere that bonefish are found.This assortment includes three of each of these patterns:Size 4 and 6 GotchaSize 4 Miheve's Flats Fly Size 4 McQuade's Imitator ShrimpSize 6 Tan Crazy CharlieSize 6 Pink Crazy CharlieSize 6 Pearl Christmas Island SpecialSize 6 Orange Christmas Island SpecialSize 6 Pink Mini PuffSize 6 Orange Mini PuffSize 6 Borski's Swimming ShrimpSize 6 Bonefish ClouserSize 6 Tan Marabou ShrimpSize 6 Tan SquimpSize 6 Gold Shiner Deep ClouserSize 6 Mona's Chili PepperSize 8 Hermit Crab Bonefish Bitter Size 8 Olive Bonefish Bitter.Available: Assortment only, Assortment with Box. Type: Fly Assortments. Description Assortment. - $62.49