Ultimate Survival Deluxe Survival Kit - Clear - $65.88

All the survival tools you need in a crushproof and watertight case. Made in USA. Includes: BlastMatch fire starter - This one-handed tool generates intensely hot sparks with minimal effort. This fire-starting system is good for thousands of strikes. The sparks that it emits are three times hotter than a standard match. This innovative design features a spring-loaded rotating spark bar. WetFire pack of two tinder cubes that burns over 1,300 degrees. the best fire-starting material available in the world. It actually burns longer when its wet, yet cools instantly. StarFlash Ultra scratch-resistant signaling mirror SaberCut saw with bi-directional teeth Freezeproof JetScream high-decible whistle 6-1/2L x 3-3/8W x 1-5/8D hard Carry Case Weight: 16 oz. Carry case dimensions: 6-1/2L x 3-3/8W x 1-5/8D. Available: Black Case, Clear Case. Color: Clear. Type: Survival Kits. - $65.88