Ultimate Obedience/Ultimate Gun Dog DVD Combo - $24.88

This DVD is perfect for training your hunting dog from start to finish. Features the expert techniques of professional trainer John Kabbes. You get Ultimate Obedience and Ultimate Gun Dog all on one convenient DVD. 120 minutes. The Ultimate Obedience DVD walks you through the problems you will encounter when laying down the basis for advanced training. Sit, stay, heeling and establishing manners is all included. Great for the hunter starting a pup or for someone wanting an obedient companion. The Ultimate Gun Dog DVD helps you create an efficient waterfowl or upland hunting dog. Takes you and your obedience trained dog from beginner to expert. Force training/fetching, beginning and advanced retrieves, handling and lining along with many other issues are discussed and portrayed. Kabbes uses many unfinished dogs in order to show the problems that you may encounter when training your dog. - $24.88