Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest - $149.95

Professional Runner Peter Bakwin was the catalyst for the design of the Ultimate Directions PB Adventure Vest. After years of creating his own packs, Peter teamed up with Ultimate Direction to create the high-capacity, bottles-up-front running pack he wanted. Like many runners, Peter found that water bottles were a much more elegant solution to hydration bladders, which tend to slosh around and make it hard to refill on-the-fly. As a result, the Adventure Vest touts a bottle holster on each shoulder strap, which locates your hydration where it's easy to grab and quick to refill. Behind these holsters lies a harness made of stronger-than-steel Cuben fiber (found in America's Cup yacht sails), and behind that, a stretchy storage compartment comprised of Power Mesh. Because of the direct integration of the eight-liter mesh compartment and the carrying harness, the PB has a seamless feeling that you'll swear is an extension of your own body. And thanks to the main compartment's unique one-piece pull cord, the compartment instantly expands or compresses so your load never wobbles. Bryce Thatcher founded Ultimate Direction and he began hand-sewing hydration packs in 1986. Since that time, Ultimate Direction's lineup has expanded dramatically and now includes signature pieces born of collaborations with professional athletes. Compared to other minimalist hydration systems like the AK Race Vest or the SJ Ultra Vest, the PB Adventure Vest offers the most expansive storage and safety features not offered by the other two signature series vests. Ultra runners will appreciate the versatility of the design, and that same versatility may attract ultralight hikers, climbers, and skiers to adopt this vest as well. - $149.95