U.S. Divers Anacapa/Island Dry Combos - $7.88

The affordable Anacapa/Island Dry Combo delivers a crystal-clear, leak-free view of the underwater world and an unobstructed, easy-breathing experience.The single-lens mask provides a clear, wide, undistorted view. Its soft, one-size-fits-most face skirt seals out water for a comfortable fit across nose and brow. Easy adjustable buckles and strap hold it firmly in place.The submersible dry-top snorkel, equipped with Pivot-Dry Technology and a one-way purge valve, keeps water out and your breathing easy. Its curved full-flex section provides an adaptable fit to your mouth and face. Type: Swimming & Snorkeling Accessories. Anacapa/Island Dry. Size Adult. Color Black. - $7.88