U.S. Cooler Walk-In Game and Meat Locker (5'10" X 5'10") - $7,999.99

Quickly cool and perfectly age big-game meat the same way as professional butchers and game processors. These walk-in coolers maintain a constant 35 F temperature for storing and aging and have an overhead rail system with sturdy game hooks. Hybrid panels are insulated with 4"-thick polystyrene 3" of high-quality, rigid extruded polystyrene and 1" of rigid expanded polystyrene. Extruded polystyrene insulation maintains its R-value over time; because, extruded polystyrene insulation has a closed-cell structure with outstanding moisture resistance for long-term thermal performance in walk-in freezers. Quality insulation reduces the strain on the self-contained, saddle-mount refrigeration system and provides energy savings. The panels connect to one another with precision-fit, tongue-and-groove joints that are sealed at both sides by double-barreled NSF- approved gaskets. Press-fit plug buttons seal wrench holes after assembly. Keyed lock in handle with two keys. Self-closing door. Manufacturer's 10-year warranty on the cooler box and a one-year factory warranty on the compressor. Installation video included. NSF- and UL-certified.Available: Large, Extra Large. Width: 5'10". Weight (lbs.): 1,204. Type: Game Coolers. Model: Large. Length: 5'10". Height: 7'6". Capacity (cu. ft.): 187. Size 5'10" X 5'10". - $7,999.99