TYR Hurricane Freak Of Nature Women's Wetsuit - $1,199.95

If you need the best, and you're willing to pay for it, you've come to the right place. Simply put, the TYR Hurricane Freak Of Nature Women's Wetsuit is the fastest suit in the water. Why Because, TYR thought of, and engineered a solution to, every imaginable variable in the water. As a result, it features a 100% Yamamoto C40 neoprene construction, the highest available stretch on the market, and Elevation Panels that have been described as 'otherworldly effective' by Andy Potts. Like any top-tier wetsuit, TYR approached the Freak of Nature with a four-part ideology -- body position, flexibility hydrodynamics, and buoyancy. And if you're at all familiar with the science of wetsuits, you won't surprised to read that most of TYR's engineering towards body position also aids in buoyancy. For example, the suit features FON elevation panels along the torso that raise and flatten your body against the water. And by reducing your shape and submergence, the design results in less sideways movement in choppy conditions, and also, it provides an enhanced lift to the body in glassy waters. Additionally, the flattening shape, and its attached principles, has been extended to the suit's FON V-GCP (graded catch panels) forearm zones. Together, the systems provide a positive engagement with the water, minimizing the shoulder and lats tendency to sink inwards during the locomotion of your stroke, and propelling you further with less effort per stroke. Surely, the aforementioned system of position control sounds right on paper, but you're probably wondering what its real-world application is Well, aside from proprioceptive dynamics, it also brings us to our next subject, hydrodynamics. Basically, the Freak of Nature's goal is to make you faster in the water. And just as curvy, sleek shapes minimize your drag coefficient on land, the wetsuit's level of buoyancy is the minimizing variable in the water. - $1,199.95