Lodge Cast-Iron Dutch Ovens With Glass Lids - $44.88

Turn up the flavor with glass-topped cast-iron cookware. Glass lids seal in moisture and flavor, keep splattering to a minimum and take the guesswork out of cooking. Lodge Cast Iron is legendary for its frying power and amazing ability to impart sizzling-crispy texture and mouthwatering flavors into meat, egg and vegetable recipes.Available:3-qt. Dutch Oven with lid 10-1/4" dia. x 3"H, Wt: 9 lbs. 5-qt. Dutch Oven with lid 10-1/4" dia. x 4"H, Wt: 11 lbs. 7-qt. Dutch Oven with lid 12" dia. x 4-3/4"H, Wt: 16 lbs. - $44.88