Tufo Valve Extenders - $8.96

Aerodynamic wheels are a godsend when it comes to speed. The reduction in wind drag is exponentially tied to your speed, and no one who's serious about training or racing would be caught dead without them on a ride that really counts. Nobody but nobody disputes their performance value, and in fact, the only criticism anyone would ever throw out there is how tough it is sometimes to air the darn things up. Whether you've got 25mm deep Mavic Ksyriums or 58mm deep Zipp 404s, it's all-too-common for air to leak out of the typical thread-on-the-outside style valve extenders. There are a number of solutions that range from tiny O-rings to the use of plumbers tape to seal the extender against the stem. However, if the stem has a removable core, the wrench flats pretty much ruin your chances of a good seal and you'll often hear "psssssssssssssssssst" as you attempt to pump up the tire. How much air goes out the leak and how much gets in the tire is anyone's guess.Tufo brought innovative thinking to the flawed universe of valve extenders. Rather than threading on the outside of your tube's valve stem, with the Tufo extender you'll actually unthread your existing presta valve core, insert Tufo's extender, then thread the valve into the tip of the extender. You're literally building a seamless extension of your valve stem, so your days of leaks are over. It's a brilliant solution, especially for tubular tires. The extenders are available in 10mm increments from 20 - 60mm. Add this length to the length of your existing valve and you'll know how long the valve will ultimately be. Two notes: (1) These extenders are compatible only with clincher tubes and tubular tires that have removable valve cores. Based on our research, every tube and tire we sell is compatible except for Michelin's clincher tube. (2) The extender is built with tiny wrench flats built to work with Tufo's valve tool. We sell this tool, and it costs just a couple of dollars. - $8.96