Tsunami Timber Lure Pencil Popper - $15.99

Pop and slash this lure to imitate fleeing baitfish, or reel it in slowly with a walk-the-dog action that game fish cant resist. Outfitted with VMC 4X perma steel hooks. Handcrafted from northern basswood with heavy-duty, stainless steel, through-wire construction and split rings. Durable and long-lasting triple epoxy-coated finish. Per each. Sizes: 6, 2-1/4 oz. 8, 3 oz. Colors: (001)White, (002)Yellow/White Belly/Spots, (004)Bunker, (005)Blue Mackerel, (006)Blue/White Belly. Color: Timber. Type: Topwater Poppers. - $15.99