Tsunami Talkin' Popper - Chartreuse - $6.99

This floating Tsunami Talkin Popper topwater lure generates a popping, splashing, skittering action to draw reactive strikes. Weight-transfer balls for long, accurate casts. Per each. Sizes: 5, 1-3/8 oz. 6, 2-1/4 oz. 7, 3 oz. 8, 4-1/2 oz. Colors: (016)Black Back Green/White, (101)Electro School Bus, (200)Smoky Joe, (201)Bunker, (202)Dawn Herring, (203)Menhaden, (212)Bone/Red Gill with Spot, (215)Yellow Chartreuse White, (218)Blue Mackerel, (219)Green Mackerel, (326)Black/Silver. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Topwater Poppers. - $6.99