Tru-Fire T1 Fixed-Blade Broadhead - $24.88

A broadhead is only as good as its ferrule. The ferrule on the T1 is machined from a solid piece of steel. No aluminum; no powder metal. Just steel, resulting in a more durable and accurate broadhead. The innovative Spring Retention System holds the blades in the ferrule when not installed on an arrow. A two-position locking design located in the tip also holds the blades in place. An impressive, bone-shattering tip cuts an unsealable entrance wound that produces incredible damage, quicker results and fewer lost animals. The broadhead has a wide 1-1/8 cutting diameter with .032-thick 440 stainless steel blades. Includes an extra set of blades. Per 3. Cutting diameter: 1-1/8. Weight: 100 gr. - $24.88