Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Release Max Camo - $124.99

Tru-Fire upgraded their popular Hardcore line of releases with additional premium features. Now you can adjust trigger pressure separate from travel anywhere between 3 oz. to more than 16 oz. using a screw located in the housing. The padding on the comfort-enhanced Evolution II buckle is 2-1/2 times thicker than previous versions and has a slightly wider strap profile for increased comfort. The pivoting heads 20 side-to-side motion allows perfect release-head alignment for complete torque-free shooting. A deep-jaw design keeps the jaw from slipping off string loops and automatically resets itself after every shot. Standard swept-back trigger. Other features include lockable length adjustment and a patented fold-back buckle that make it one of the best hook-style releases youll find anywhere. Camo finish. Fits right or left hand. Made in USA. Color: Camo. Type: Wrist-Strap Releases. - $124.99