Trout Beads Mottled Beads - Ruby Red (6MM) - $3.59

Trout Beads Mottled Beads not only allow trout, steelhead or salmon fishermen to match the hatch, it also them a great fishing bead and jig bead selection for making their own lures. Whether you enjoy fly fishing, spinfishing or lure building, youll be hard-pressed to find a better selection of fishing-bead colors that more accurately match the colors of fish eggs. Sizes: 6mm - (Per 40) 8mm - (Per 30) 10mm - (Per 15) 12mm - (Per 10) Colors: (001)Natural Roe, (004)Cotton Candy, (007)Dark Roe, (008)Ruby Red, (009)Caramel Roe, (013)Peach Roe, (015)Sun Orange, (017)Orange Pearl, (026)Egg Yolk, (027)Gold Roe, (050)Peachy King, (052)Mango Egg, (053)Milt Roe, (241)Glow, (311)Orange, (426)Tangerine. Size: 6MM. Color: Ruby Red. Type: Beads. - $3.59