Trophy Taker Terminal T-Lock Broadhead - Per 3 - $24.88

Terminal T-Lock broadheads are crafted so strong, theyre guaranteed not to break. A single-piece, cut-on-contact stainless steel ferrule and non-vented blades crush bone upon contact. The T-Lock blade-to-ferrule connection is the secret behind this broadheads strength and the reason it wont break. The non-vented blade design is quiet and deadly accurate just like a field point. Blades slide into the ferrule on T-Lock bases. The point is hewn to be razor sharp for deep penetration. Thick .041 stainless blades slice on impact and leave a large exit hole. Per three. Available: 100 grain, 1-18 dia. Type: Fixed Blades. Style 100-Grain. - $24.88