Trophy Ridge Rocket Aeroheads Meat Seeker 3-Blade 2 Broadhead Per 3 - Stainless Steel - $29.88

Dont make blood trailing any harder than it has to be. With the Meat Seeker, you get ultimate penetration that results in massive entry and exit wounds. These blades are deployed without levers or cams that can fail due to loss of energy. The piston-hammer technology guarantees back-to-front blade deployment every time. The rotating head finds the path of least resistance around bone for maximum penetration, tissue damage and blood loss. Heat-treated tip, shaft, insert and stainless steel blades. The three .039-thick blades combine for a lethal 2 cutting diameter. The blades have no barbs to catch in targets, so arrow removal is easy. Closed, the .55-flight-diameter head has field-point accuracy. Per 3. Imported. Flight diameter: .55 Cutting diameter: 2. Weight: 100 gr. Color: Stainless Steel. - $29.88