Trophy Ridge Firewire V5 Bow Sight - Clear - $53.88

The Fire Wire V5 has the most unobstructed view of any five-pin sight available. Its indestructible housing is made of super-strong composite material. The patented contrast Glo Ring with Spectral Distribution Technology help you align the peep to the sight ring. The clear front fiber-optic ring soaks up light and channels it to the pins. Sight level with third-axis adjustability. Individual pin adjustment screw for precise setting. No tightening or loosening, just an easy turn for microadjustments. Metal injection-molded steel pins. Reversible mounting bracket for height adjustments. TIC pins and reference marks. Nylon bushings. 18 of fiber optics per pin. .019 pins. Right-hand only. Color: Clear. - $53.88