Trophy Bucks In Any Weather Book - $21.99

In the first book of its kind, author Dan Carlson, a former broadcast meteorologist turned outdoor writer and an avid hunter, explains in great detail how weather influences the behavior of deer. Hunters will learn how to use this knowledge to help fill their tags. What tactics work best when a warm front is approaching? What's the best way to hunt deer before and after a cold front moves through? How do deer react to various forms of precipitation? What roles can atmospheric pressure, temperature and wind play in the success of a hunt and the performance of hunting equipment? The author brings nearly three decades of weather expertise and hunting experience to bear in answering these questions and many more. You'll find yourself using the information in this book again and again to put more venison in your freezer, and perhaps a few trophy bucks on your wall. Full color with more than 200 photographs and illustrations. 272 pages. Softcover. Type: Books. - $21.99