Tributary 13.0 SB Raft - $2,064.97

Shoot the rapids or cast into a hole from the Tributary 13.0 SB Raft. This versatile boat's slightly diminishing tube ends reduces swing weight and makes it a dream to handle in the whitewater. To further increase maneuverability, the 13.0 SB's floor features the piano hinge lacing systemlace strips along the floor pocket and non-overlapping raft collarsto allow more water to escape. This lacing system makes the 13.0 SB one of the fastest self-bailing boats on the market. Tributary constructed the 13.0 using a durable PVC outer skin and super tough inner urethane bladders to give the boat excellent air retention, durability, and abrasion resistancemeaning you can paddle harder without fear of reprisals. If you're not in the mood for rapids, the Tributary 13.0 SB's wide beam, ample space, and three removable thwarts make it ideal for a leisurely fishing trip or a weekend family float. - $2,064.97