Trekmates Flameless Cook Flask Kit - $16.93

The lightweight, easy-to-use Trekmates Flameless cook flask kit uses water-activated heat packs to quickly heat water without the hazards of an open flame. Place a Trekmates heat pack in the plastic container, add water, place the stainless-steel cup inside the plastic container, fill it with water, lock the lid and you're set. Water-activated heat pack gets hot quickly; in about 7 to 10 minutes you'll have steaming hot water that you can add to a dehydrated meal or use to make a cup of tea. Includes 3 High Power heat packs; each pack weighs only 0.9 oz., significantly less than a traditional gas canister. High Power heat packs reach a maximum temperature of 146degF in 10 min. and will hold that temperature for another 20 min. Flask holds 12.2 fl. oz. of water. The Trekmates Flameless cook flask kit comes with 3 High Power heat packs and a measuring bottle. - $16.93