Trekker Hiking Staff - $7.88

The value of a walking staff has been appreciated by travelers for centuries, but modern materials and technology now allow you to trek with an aid that's lightweight and has a multitude of applications. Since no two hikers are alike, this three-section 6000 Series aluminum staff adjusts in length up to 53" (135cm) so you can set it to just the right length to suit your needs, yet it also compacts for easy carry in a pack. It has a contoured rubber handle with a wrist strap to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. Embedded in the top of the handle is a compass to help you keep your bearings, and there's also a removable trekking basket for use in snow or soft terrain. Two end caps come with the staff a rubber cap to grip hard surfaces, and a tungsten-carbide tip for hiking rough terrain and unpaved surfaces. An internal shock absorber makes using this staff easy on the hands and arms. Imported. Type: Hiking Staffs. - $7.88