Trango Pyramid Belay Device - $15.96

The Pyramid Belay Device by Trango could be the best all around belay/rappel device on the planet. The result of intensive R and D work, it is light, compact, durable and can smoothly handle just about any rope combination. The machined cooling fins on the Pyramid work both to keep it cool and to make it less droppable, and the pivoting center pin lets you flip it over to customize the feed of your ropes without effecting its stopping power. Rappelling is always controlled and jerk-free and the flat rope path virtually eliminates kinks. The elongated slot for the center pin makes it easy to rig the Pyramid with stiff or fat ropes and the burly retaining cable will last as long as you own it. Specifications of the Pyramid Belay Device by Trango Weight: 68 gm (2.4 oz) Recommended Rope Diameters: Twin Ropes: Not recommended Recommended Rope Diameters: Half Ropes: 8.5mm Recommended Rope Diameters: Single Ropes: 9.7 - 11mm ALL Climbing Sales Are Final. - $15.96