Trango Jaws Belay Device - $21.56

The Jaws by Trango is the most versatile belay device you can buy. Period. When you need a positive and secure lock-off, run the brake side of the ropes through the unique double V-notches. In this configuration, Jaws has more stopping power than any other belay/rappel device we can find. Turn Jaws around and run the braking rope over the smooth side when you need a lightning fast feed on trad or alpine terrain. Don't worry about catching a fall, because in this mode Jaws has similar braking abilities to our Pyramid. Rappels Are smooth and controlled with Jaws. The large rope slots make it easy to set up, the V-notches control the speed and the flat rope path really prevents kinking. For low-angle or long double rope rappels, you can turn Jaws around so the free end of the rope runs over the smooth side. Specifications of the Jaws Belay Device by Trango Weight: 68 gm (2.4 oz) Strength: 20 kN Twin Ropes: 7.5mm Half Ropes: 8.2mm Single Ropes: 8.9 - 11mm ALL Climbing Sales Are Final. - $21.56