Trango Alpine Equalizer - $32.99

On Sale. Trango Alpine Equalizer FEATURES of the Alpine Equalizer by Trango Made with a 12 mm Ultratape Great solution for quickly equalizing your anchor Ideally suited as a self-adjusting anchor system, it can be made non-extending by tying an overhand knot in the center loop or by clove-hitching at each protection point Offers a strength of 22kN Weighs in at only 2.7 oz NOTICE from Trango: All Alpine Equalizer owners and users must review the updated User Guide . In order to eliminate the possibility of the AE lengthening or extending if an Anchor Point fails, you must tie a clove hitch or knot in each loop and attach each loop to a separate Anchor Point. The previous User Guide stated that tying an overhand knot in the center loop eliminated that possibility. However, in actuality, there must be a knot in each loop, as described in the updated User Guide , to prevent extension. - $32.99