Traditions Mini Cannon Kits - $279.99

Start a new family tradition, celebrate a holiday or just have fun with friends by firing off one of these historic-looking replica cannons. Theyre fully operational and easy to assemble. Old Ironsides is a .69-cal. smooth-bore cannon with the the look and feel of a working piece of artillery. The .50-cal. Smooth bore Mini Napoleon III model is reminiscent of cannons used by Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War. It has metal-rimmed wheels for an authentic look. Authentic Styled Naval Carriage cleans easily with a swab cloth dampened in muzzleloading cleaning solvent. Available: Old Ironsides Overall Length: 14 Barrel Length: 12-1/2 Height: 6 Wheel Diameter: 2-1/8 Weight: 9-1/4 lbs. Caliber: .69-cal. smooth bore Type: Cannons. - $279.99