Traditions Deerhunter .50 Caliber Flintlock Muzzleloader With Redi-Pak Blued/Black - $299.88

Everything you need to get started, all in one affordable kit. Traditions Deer Hunter flintlock muzzleloader is lightweight, easy to shoot and accurate. Its 24 octagonal barrel has a 1-in-48 rate of twist and is secured in a rugged synthetic stock for excellent balance and superb handling. The barrel accurately shoots full bore-sized bullets, sabots, and patched round balls. Adjustable Lite Optic sights are easy to see, even in low-light conditions. Synthetic ramrod. Flint not included. Requires 5/8 hand-knapped flint (sold separately).Barrel length: 24 octagonal.Overall length: 40.Weight: 6 lbs.Finish: Blued/Black.Rate of twist: 1 in 48.RediPak includes the following accessories - everything you need except powder and flint:Nipple PickBall PullerBullet StarterCleaning PatchesPan PrimerUniversal Fast LoaderLoading JagEasy Clean SolventPowder MeasurePowder Flask15 240 Gr. Sabot BulletsInstructional DVD - $299.88