Traditions Crockett .32-Caliber Percussion Rifle - Blued - $449.99

Hunt like Americas celebrated folk hero Davy Crockett with this long and lean .32-caliber muzzleloader rifle. This small game rifle brings out all the positive features of a classic muzzleloader by giving you deadly accuracy and outstanding balance. A one-piece select hardwood stock holds the 32 octagonal barrel in place. Style and elegance are brought out in the brass inlays and embellishing. Classic and functional double set triggers. Windage adjustable rear sight. Shooting, loading, and cleaning instructions included. Percussion cap ignition. Barrel length: 32 blued. Overall length: 49. Weight: 6 lbs. Rate of twist: 1 in 48. Color: Blued. Type: Rifle. - $449.99