Torqeedo 24-Volt Lithium Magnesium Battery - $159.00

Operate your Torqeedo motor with power you can count on. Batteries and accessories protect against short circuits, overloads, deep discharge and wrong polarity.Available:26-104 Battery - 24-volt Lithium Magnesium Battery delivers longer battery life and enhanced performance. Completely waterproof battery has integrated data ports for communication with Torqeedo outboard motors onboard computer system or other display devices. Two positive and two negative poles for convenient installation. Easily bank two or more batteries together for extra power. Weight: 55 lbs.Charger - 350 watts of power charges your 26-104 battery from 0% to full charge in 11 hours. Waterproof to IP65 standards. Weight 8 lbs.On/Off Switch - For use with the 26-104 Battery, switch to activate/turn off power to your Torqeedo motor. Waterproof to IP67 standards. LED indicator displays on/off status. Required if 26-104 battery is used without Cruise Remote outboards. - $159.00