Topeak Pocket Shock DXG Fork & Shock Pump - $46.00

Topeak doesn't make shocks, but they make lots of smartly-designed pumps that accomplish a variety of tasks. The Topeak Pocket Shock DXG with Dial Gauge is their dee-luxe shock pressurizer. There is a 300psi gauge sitting atop an aluminum barrel. Attached to the carbon-faced gauge (high on style), is a rotating hose with a Pressure Rite connector. Like most of the pumps we sell, there's a precise bleeder valve for carefully removing the pump while exacting the right air pressure. Kraton-covered plastic handle is easy to operate. The 21.5cm length is small enough to safely stow in a jersey pocket. Aluminum barrel is strong and durable Pressure tuning air-release button makes finding the right pressure easy Carbon-faced dial gauge adds aesthetic appeal Maximum capacity: 300psi (20.7 bar) - $46.00