Minnesota Trapline Products Tom Miranda Trapping DVDs - Coyote - $14.88

This four-volume in-depth DVD series takes you across multiple states with professional trapper Tom Miranda as he explores various trapping methods for a variety of furbearers. Available: Volume 1 Study the nuances of fox and coyote trapping with Tom Miranda on his South Dakota trap line. Learn to identify prime set locations and make the walk-through set in exacting detail. You will also learn step-by-step pointers on how to successfully call predators. 160 minutes. Volume 2 Tag along with Tom Miranda, Mark June and Bernie Barringer as they look at various water-trapping techniques to take raccoon, mink, muskrat and beaver. The instruction shared in this volume is some of the most extensive available. 150 minutes. Volume 3 This elite predator-trapping course takes you from the high-plains of South Dakota to the Arizona deserts in pursuit of various furbearing predators. Advanced sets and the proper use of snares is covered in detail. 150 minutes. Volume 4 Once again join Tom Miranda, Mark June and Bernie Barringer for extensive instruction on trapping techniques for fox, coyote, bobcat and raccoon. Filmed in South Dakota, Michigan and Iowa, youll learn different techniques for different regions. Included bonus footage of exciting predator-calling action in Colorado, South Dakota and Texas. 150 minutes. Color: Coyote. Type: Books & DVDs. - $14.88