Today's Tackle Ice Buster Bobbers Six-Pack - Yellow - $8.99

This patented bobber is the only bobber specifically designed for ice fishing. It wont freeze to your line and it also works great for summer fishing. It easily snaps on and off. Wont break if stepped on or bent. Can be trimmed with knife or scissors to match lure size. The 3-1/2 size will hold up to a 1/16-oz. jig and works for crappies, perch, sunfish, trout and other panfish. The 5 size will hold up to a 1/4-oz. jig and is best for walleye, bass, northern pike, lake trout and other game fish. Per 6. Sizes: 3-1/2, 5. Color: Yellow. Color: Yellow. Type: Bobbers. - $8.99