Timex Ironman Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor with USB Kit - 2011 Overstock - $84.83

Train smart and get ahead of the competition with the digital Ironman Race Trainer heart rate monitor and USB kit. It will give you the necessary data to improve your performance. 10-workout memory gathers elapsed time and heart rate data when you run the watch's chronograph or interval timer. Timer offers a 5-interval countdown that can repeat up to 99 times; interval timer is useful when workouts include different segments, such as a run/walk method. Each segment in the interval timer can be set for both heart rate zone and duration, so you can get time and effort guidance during a workout. Upload data from the watch to your home computer with the Timex Data Xchanger USB device; analyze the data using the Timex online training website. 2-way wireless communication link provides seamless communication and data transmissions between the watch and other ANT+Sport devices. Preset your desired heart rate exercise zone; an alarm will warn you when you have gone out of your zone. Average heart rate is given for total workout, each lap and total time in your zone. Provides total calories burned and displays percentage of maximum heart rate. Recovery heart rate timer measures your heart rate for a timed recovery during or after your workout. Maximum heart rate zone calculation automatically sets your 5 training zones; 1 manual zone included. Digital transmission protects your data from cross talk with other heart rate monitors and electronic interference from exercise equipment. Water-resistant hatch in the heart rate sensor accommodates quick and easy battery changes. INDIGLO(R) night-light illuminates the display for easy use at night. 100-hr. chronographs with lap and split options; 50-lap memory with average heart rate per lap. 100-hr., 3-mode countdown timer; 3 alarms can be set as daily or weekly. Includes heart rate sensor with adjustable chest strap. Overstock. - $84.83