TIME I-Clic2 Titan Carbon Pedals - $210.00

The Time I-Clic2 Titan Carbon Pedals are the lightest pedals in the I-Clic line, and that makes them some of the lightest road pedals out there. Time achieved a skimpy weight through the use of a titanium axle and full carbon fiber body. And of course, you won't lose any seconds clipping in after a crash or mechanical issue -- the I-Clic system is lightning fast and effortless.The retention mechanism on the I-Clic2 Titan Carbon Pedals employs a carbon leaf spring rather than a coiled metal spring. Basically, it's a flexed blade of carbon fiber. When you step into the pedal, the cleat presses a trigger that releases the energy trapped in the leaf spring, which snaps a clasp into place over the back of the cleat. Think of a standard mousetrap; it's pretty much the same concept. When you click out of the pedals, the retaining clasp returns to a cocked, open position for the next time you clip in.The I-Clic2 Titan Carbon Pedals allow sprung angular float of five degrees in either direction. The cleat can also move 2.5mm laterally when clasped in the pedal. These float characteristics offer some freedom of movement, but also a secure and controlled connection to the pedal for hard efforts and sprints. You can choose one of three spring tension settings to dial in the feel of the float.This is the second generation of the I-Clic design, and the engineers at Time made some key improvements. They added metal plates to the top side of the pedals for a more durable pedal-cleat interface. The retaining clasp was beefed up a bit, and the cleats were also made more robust to last longer. The cleats have rubberized contact points outside the pedal interface for walkability. They're also asymmetrical, so by choosing which cleat goes on each foot you can change the width of your pedal stance by 2.5mm.The Time I-Clic2 Titan Carbon Pedals have a titanium axle and carbon fiber body. Please note that there is a rider weight limit (90kg or 198lb) due to the titanium axle. - $210.00