TIME ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals - $399.99

The pedal is one of the more crucial components. However, its importance is often overshadowed by the latest drivetrain, suspension, or wheel trends. Pedals have mountain on their plate, as they need to be light, tough, and easy to use. TIME accomplishes this with its range topping ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals by using advanced materials with a proven simple design, which allows easy engagement and plenty of float. Every time that you clip into TIME's Auto Tension Adjust Concept (ATAC)line of pedals, the self-cleaning frontal retention system sheds dirt. This ensures that you don't end up struggling to find cleat position before a steep and loose climb. Once engaged, your knees and ankles are treated to the Titan's industry-leading level of float. In fact, the XC 12 Titan's are adjustable, with three resistance options for the +/- five degrees of angular float in order to provide the perfect amount of resistance or freedom that require. Additionally, the XC 12 also provides 6mm of lateral float for side-to-side movement on the pedal. So, instead of being locked into one position, your foot is free to find the most comfortable position. The XC 12's cleat is reversible, meaning that it can be positioned to release at 13 or 17 degrees. For a durable, consistent operation, the ATAC's arches are constructed from stainless steel. Also, the wide carbon fiber body and titanium axles minimize weight for a low rotating mass. The TIME ATAC XC 12 Titan Carbon Pedals are available in one size and in the color Red/black. - $399.99